SUBCAST: Preview of the eleventh game day

After today, we will know at least two other European championship rounds. The program is group B and both of her matches, which we did not logically miss the traditional Unibet podcast. We paid special attention to the expected duel of Englishmen with Slovakia, but a number of findings brought about the discussion of the second duel of Wales against Russia.

We were in the podcast again today’s traditional guest of Dominique Luptak alias ikercc , which was supplemented by the usual moderator group Tomáš Daníček – Marek Ustohal.In addition, Michal Tichý, colleague-competitor, is recording his own Unibet online betting free bets podcasts, which are for the change of the contest, not a pre-match analysis.

Here we are in charge and you will not be deprived of today, hopefully , the most interesting friction areas of the upcoming evening racing. The Russians must win, which could bind their legs, but neither Wales has completely cleaned its own threshold. Dragons have to work on Unibet concentration and the ability to keep their system on the alert for 90 minutes. Roy Hodgson, on the other hand, has a casual look when, although he does not have a 100% confidence in the course, he intends to work almost half the squad. It is precisely the criticism of the English pilot, which is also devoted to part of the match about the match with Slovakia.Even our eastern neighbors have not missed flippant comments, we are interested in, among other things, the imperfect Unibet game of hitchhiker pair…