Rosicky: I’m so glad that everyone thinks we are outsider

Captain Tomas Rosicky is going to start his fourth European championship with his Czech team in a career. He is very pleased with the position of the outsiders of the tournament and believes that the national team of this sticker will stand up.

“I am so glad that we all consider our outsider to be a great place for us. To show that everyone was mistaken and that they were mistaken opinions, “Rosicky said at today’s Tours press conference where the team is preparing for Monday’s entry into the championship.

Representation kicks off the European Championship in Toulouse With defenders titles Spaniels and Czech captain has very close to their game. “The quality of their football is immense, the Spanish Champions League final, the Spanish team in the European League final.Together with the English League, it’s the two best leagues in the world, “Rosicky said.

” I like their thinking about how fast the situation solves, a fantastic balloon technique. These are the things the football fan enjoys watching. We know what awaits us and we have to deal with it, “Rosicky declared.

During his career he played with several Spanish teammates and always made good on the pitch. He played with Cesco (Fábregas), with Santim Cazorla, Nachem Monreal. We always understand these guys because I’m a player trying to play the same football as they do.We are in the same wave, we have always met, “said Rosicky, who even had an offer in the past from the Spanish League.

There are several friends in the Spanish team and the upcoming match with them “We’ve been through it for a long time. Immediately after we were pulled together. This is going on continuously, you can say. I’m just sorry that Santi can not be (due to injury) to see the world as a fantastic player, “said Rosicky, who finished in Arsenal.

Already in the fourth Euro, having won the championship in 2000 and will be among the veterans of the French championship. “I’m quite used to it. I was the oldest player Arsenal three years ago, I was already aware that it was short.I’ve been used for a few years now that I’m a veteran, “Rosicky pointed out.

Due to the wounded injury, Arsenal’s first team was only 19 minutes this season, and before Eur he played in four matches At the junior club in London. “It was the heaviest season for me. But it’s gone and I feel good. I can not say I enjoyed football more than ever, I always enjoyed it. That’s why I played and played football. I enjoy it and it fills me, “added Rosicky, who answered the journalists not only in Czech, but also in English and German.

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