Miller also recaptured Lauberhorn

WENGEN. The legendary Phil Mahre is not for Sunday only US skier with 27 firsts in the World Cup. Compatriot Bode Miller had equalized when you on the longest slope in the world Lauberhorne

(4455 m) reiterated the primacy

last year.

To be included as a handful of giants who in Wengen managed to win more than once. For example, the Franz Klammer Kristian Ghedina, Stephan Eberharter and Marco Girardellimu.

In Wengen is a zjazdársku fame fighting already 78 years. Recorder number of firsts in the Swiss Karl Molitor, who in the years 1939 – 1947 won six times. It took fifty years, until the leadership underwent other than European skiers.In 1980, overseas he tore unlucky Canadian Ken Read.

“I went cleanly, particularly in the central passage, and at the finish I then benefit from it. It’s great to know that you are on track uploaded the maximum, and then find out that it was enough and the final triumph, “said Reuters happy winner.

“It helped me also know that I have kept in ideal track. So I did not have to undergo any unnecessary extra meters, “said the portal “It was great. I enjoyed it. I do not remember that I had to brake at some point. “

Bode Miller after a conflict with the US team travels on his own, but the results were not reflected in any way. On the contrary.This season has confirmed an increase in forms of triumph in Bormio, now also succeeded in Wengen.

As soon as Miller finished domestic Didier Cuche. S Miller deflect 65/100, but jumped into the lead overall ranking in downhill. The only bodík front of Miller. Profit small crystal globe in this discipline is for the two rivals extremely prestigious. “When I saw Bode ride, I knew that I was waiting for heavy work.I risked, I went to the edge of their abilities, but this time it was not enough, “said Cuche.

Wengenská battle for supremacy was the best invitation to this week’s downhill in Kitzbühel, which is to change considered the toughest in the world. “I’ve never not won there. This is for me the best motivation. It’s a track that has always inspired. There is not only important to win, but keep jumping to the finish, “said Miller, Reuters further.

On the other hand Cuche the frightening stage of Triumph have enjoyed twice. In the years 1998 and 2006. “It will be a battle.And another piece of wonderful battles in this exciting season, “added Cuche.

Wengen was also defeated. Austrian skiers during the three races (Friday’s combination, Saturday’s slalom, Sunday’s congress did not receive even one podium, which is the alpine superpower poor business card.

The Norwegian jumper Tom Hilde was a surprise weekend for ski jumps. In the Italian Val di Fiemme far hopped on Saturday and Sunday. PHOTO – REUTERS